TS 9463 EN ISO 1071 E C NiFe-CI 1
EN ISO 1071 E C NiFe CI 1
AWS A5.15 ENiFe-CI
Chemical Composition of Weld Metal % (Typical)
Ni Fe
>45,0 >40,0
Typical Base Material Grades
  • Welding of grey cast iron, temper cast iron.
  • Joint welding of cast iron with hard to weld steels or cast parts.
Features and Applications
  • Ni-Fe cored stick electrode.
  • Welding in short passes and hammering the bead of each pass through gentle strikes are required.
  • This electrode may be used for making repair welds on, as well as for joining, work pieces of various types of cast iron, including nodular iron, and for welding them to steel and some nonferrous base metals.
  • Castings containing phosphorus levels higher than normal (approximately 0.20% phosphorus) are more readily welded using these electrodes than with an electrode of the ENi-CI classification.
  • Experience has shown that satisfactory welds can be made on thick and highly restrained weldments, and on highstrength and engineering grades of cast iron.
Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength (N/mm²) Tensile Strength (N/mm²) Elongation ((Lo=5do) (%)) Hardness (as welded) (HB)
200 350 6 ~190
Current Type
  • AC
  • DC(+)
Welding Positions
Operating Data
Product Code Diametré x Length (mm) Diameter x Length (inch) Welding Current (A) Weight g / 100 pcs
3010101683 Ø2,5 x 300 Ø3/32 x 12 60 – 90 1790
3010101690 Ø3,2 x 300 Ø1/8 x 12 80 – 120 2670
3010101697 Ø4,0 x 400 Ø5/32 x 16 110 – 150 5390


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