TS 9463 EN ISO 1071 E C Ni-CI 1
EN ISO 1071 E C Ni-CI 1
AWS A5.15 ENi-CI
Chemical Composition of Weld Metal % (Typical)
C Ni
0,50 rest
Typical Base Material Grades
  • Joint welding of grey cast iron, temper cast iron, nodular cast iron as well as joint welding of cast iron with steel, stainless steel and Monel metal
Features and Applications
  • This electrode can be used to join ordinary gray irons to themselves, or to other ferrous and nonferrous materials, and to reclaim or repair castings.
  • Because of lower strength than the ENiFe-CI and lower ductility of the weld metal, these electrodes should be used only in applications where maximum machinability of highly diluted filler metal is necessary.
  • The ENi-CI classification may also be used on malleable or ductile iron.
  • Welding in short passes and gently striking the bead of each pass with a hammer when the bead is hot are required.
Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength (N/mm²) Tensile Strength (N/mm²) Elongation ((Lo=5do) (%)) Hardness (as welded) (HB)
200 250 3 ~170
Current Type
  • AC
  • DC(-)
Welding Positions
Operating Data
Product Code Diametré x Length (mm) Diameter x Length (inch) Welding Current (A) Weight g / 100 pcs
3010101623 Ø2,5 x 300 Ø3/32 x 12 60 – 90 1860
3010101630 Ø3,2 x 300 Ø1/8 x 12 90 – 110 2880
3010101644 Ø4,0 x 400 Ø5/32 x 16 110 – 130 6070


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