is a single component, moisture curing, self-expanding, ready to use polyurethane foam with propellants which are completely harmless to ozone layer. It has a fire resistance up to 217 minutes, recommended for sealing applications where fire resistance is required.



  • According to EN 1366-4 fire resistance up to 217 min
  • Efficient seal against smoke and gas.
  • Does not contain CFC’s and H-CFC’s.
  • Excellent adhesion & filling capacity.
  • Excellent mounting capacity and stability.
  • High yield up to 45 liters depending on temperature and humidity.
  • High thermal & acoustical insulation value.
  • After cured, it can be painted, cut, trimmed.
  • Mold and water resistant.
  • Conforms to fire class B1 (DIN 4102).
Application AreasAll applications where fire retardant properties are required such as:

  • Installation of door and window frames.
  • Filling and sealing gaps, joints and cavities.
  • Filling of penetrations in walls.
  • Heat insulation of roof construction.
  • Sealing of cable and pipe penetrations.
  • Bonding of insulation materials.
  • Multi-Purpose, adhesion and fixation.

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